This image is the cover for the book Long Midnight, The WW2 Commando Missions

Long Midnight, The WW2 Commando Missions

“The action gets hot on the icy fjords” in this gripping novel of two British commandos in World War II Norway (Kirkus Reviews).

Norway, 1943. A land in the grip of Nazi occupation, where men and women still fight for freedom in constant danger from German murder squads and Norwegian traitors.

It is to find such a traitor that two men are sent from Britain. Their mission is twofold. First, to expose—and kill—the traitor. Second, to carry out a brilliant and daring operation of rescue and sabotage. And you can’t hide when the sun never sets . . .

Praise for the series

“Tense and convincing.” —The Observer

“I think it’s the best thing of its kind I’ve ever read. I literally couldn’t put it down.” —Leslie Charteris, author of The Saint novels

“A gripping read.”—The Sunday Times

Alan White

Alan White’s brilliant war novels have the authenticity born of personal experience. As leader of a commando unit in World War II, he made more than a dozen operational jumps into Occupied Europe. He also fought in North Africa. After the war he joined the BBC and enjoyed a wide-ranging media career including the role of White House correspondent in the US. He has written over forty novels.

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