This image is the cover for the book Long Watch, The WW2 Commando Missions

Long Watch, The WW2 Commando Missions

Sometimes it's the waiting that kills...

Millions of lives could be saved by a top-secret scientific formula. But the professor who holds the information is in the hands of the Germans, closely guarded in a secret laboratory in high-security prison.

A small group of men led by the tough and ruthless Major Rhodes are ordered to smash their way through and rescue the professor. Unseen forces soon threaten the bloody venture, however, and only the most cold-blooded of decisions could save them.

Another thrilling commando raid novel from a master of the genre, perfect for fans of Max Hennessy and Alan Evans.

Alan White

Alan White’s brilliant war novels have the authenticity born of personal experience. As leader of a commando unit in World War II, he made more than a dozen operational jumps into Occupied Europe. He also fought in North Africa. After the war he joined the BBC and enjoyed a wide-ranging media career including the role of White House correspondent in the US. He has written over forty novels.

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