This image is the cover for the book Long Drop, The WW2 Commando Missions

Long Drop, The WW2 Commando Missions

Once you step out of the plane there's no way back...

French Resistance fighters uncover the position of a secret German store containing files and reports of vital information on the movement of troops. The details are passed to British Intelligence, who formulate an ingenious plan – to break into the heavily guarded store and steal the information – thus gaining the upper hand for a precious few hours.

This was a job that demanded a tough, ruthless, highly trained band of men. Men who could parachute into enemy-occupied territory and efficiently carry out an operation that depended on split-second timing – and who could get out again with the vital papers. Men like those of commando unit Special Group 404…

Another thrilling commando raid novella from a master of the genre, perfect for fans of Max Hennessy and Alan Evans.

Alan White

Alan White’s brilliant war novels have the authenticity born of personal experience. As leader of a commando unit in World War II, he made more than a dozen operational jumps into Occupied Europe. He also fought in North Africa. After the war he joined the BBC and enjoyed a wide-ranging media career including the role of White House correspondent in the US. He has written over forty novels.

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