This image is the cover for the book William and the Magic Watch

William and the Magic Watch

An extra present was delivered to William on his ninth birthday. A box was found on his doorstep and when William opened it he saw a watch and a note: “This watch has magic powers that only you can use. If the watch face lights up in blue then press it and you will be transported to anywhere that your help is needed”. William discovered that by pressing the watch when it lit up he became invisible and could fly to places where his help was needed. William enjoys many adventures as a superhero while wearing the watch.

Patricia Bevin

Patricia Bevin was born and raised in Northamptonshire, where she still lives. She is married to Keith and has three grown-up sons and two grandsons. In 1977, she qualified as a state-registered nurse. Apart from breaks to have her children, she has spent her working life employed in nursing homes where she has been a registered manager for over 30 years. She has always been an avid reader of crime novels and has now achieved her ambition of writing one.