This image is the cover for the book Rainbow Boy and the Magic Flying Carpet

Rainbow Boy and the Magic Flying Carpet

Rainbow Boy and The Magic Flying Carpet whisks readers away on a vibrant journey alongside Rainbow Boy. As he soars through valleys and deserts on his enchanted carpet, he encounters a tapestry of magical friends, each adding a splash of wonder to his adventure. Crafted with a captivating and whimsical style, this tale promises to hold readers spellbound from start to finish.

John Russell Telford

John started writing short stories aged 18 and progressed to lyric writing unable to play an instrument adapted to poetry writing and was successfully included in anthology publications. His own publications have been sold locally in addition to other published works such as Teddy and the Blond Boy and the Man in the Moon and Twig the Dog. Four of his poems are displayed at RAF museums in London and Coningsby.

Austin Macauley Publishers