This image is the cover for the book A Careful Death for Some

A Careful Death for Some

Merrydale is a small village. Nothing ever happens there.
A fundraising team of six villagers decide to hold a summer event of a Safari Supper. Selected houses hold different meal courses but Death visits one of the houses on the night of the supper.
More deaths follow. How are they connected and what do they have in common?
With the help of some of the villagers, the fundraising team decide to hold their own investigations as the police appear to be at a loss in finding any connection between the victims, who have died in completely different ways.
In the meantime there is a bail absconder who is hanging around the village. Is this person connected with the deaths?
The village sleuths need to find some answers before anyone else dies.

Patricia Bevin

Patricia Bevin was born and raised in Northamptonshire where she still lives. She is married to Keith and has three grown-up sons and two grandsons. In 1977, she qualified as a state registered nurse. Apart from breaks to have her children, she has spent her working-life working in nursing homes where she was a registered manager for over thirty years until her retirement, in January 2021.
She has always been an avid reader of crime novels. This is her second novel.

Austin Macauley Publishers