This image is the cover for the book East Girl West Girl

East Girl West Girl

This is a beautiful and touching short story about two young, highly impressionable females who are close friends in and out of school. The plot highlights their very different backgrounds, within two diverse cultures – one east, one west.
The story conveys tolerance, respect and love which the two girls have for each other, through obtaining the impetus to learn, understand and appreciate one another’s faith, customs and way of life.

Alvina Noor

Alvina Noor is 44 years of age and lives in Motherwell, Lanarkshire since the age of 16.
She works within the field of finance/accounts.
In her spare time, Alvina enjoys studying various subjects, reading, house decorating, socialising with friends, and the occasional crossword and puzzle. She also enjoys exploring different towns and cities, including nature and long country walks and learning about different faiths and cultures.
She is also a qualified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist.
Alvina Noor is the author of two further books. She has written her own biography –
My Disrepaired and Disquieted Destiny – Memoirs of a Scottish Muslim Female.