This image is the cover for the book Sabreena Takes Her Medicine

Sabreena Takes Her Medicine

Sabreena gets the fairy flu, but she won’t take her medicine. When she starts to feel worse, she wonders why there isn’t any magic that can make her better.  

“A must read for anyone who thinks medicine is yuck.” – Ima Fairy M.D.

“If you don’t want a snot monster to end up in your room, you need to read this book.” – Gnorma Gnome, Garden Gnomes Quartlery Digest

Danielle Summers, Roka Studio

Soon-to-be award-winning author Danielle Summers has loved books since before she could walk. In school she would often get in trouble for reading for-fun-books inside of her text books.

Today, Danielle is a mother of two incredible little humans, who inspire her to write down the stories she creates for them. She hopes to write the kind of books that kids want to read over and over again.

Danielle also loves fairies and interviewed 27 of them before writing this book.