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No One Ran to the Altar

"One son walked out the door never to return as another son walked in." So begins the second volume in the Normal Family Trilogy as we pick up this outlandish family saga in the 1970s, recounted through a series of interwoven chapters featuring the many colorful characters. The story opens with a family tragedy as we see how far the Pendergasts have fallen from their days of fame and fortune. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn what became of Henry, Albert, Eve, Ned, Lucy, and the servants. We observe them facing an endless parade of obstacles, mostly overcome through humor and perseverance.

Don Trowden

Don Trowden is the pen name for fiction written by Caleb Mason, who is the author of Normal Family (2012), No One Ran to the Altar (2016), and The Isles of Shoals Remembered (1992). He also contributes a regular blog column to Book Business. Caleb began his career managing bookstores, then worked at Little, Brown and Company in the 1980s before co-founding Salem House Publishers, which was eventually folded into HarperCollins. He went on to work in technology, all the time writing in his free time. If you think the name Don Trowden sounds a bit like downtrodden, then you are one smart cookie!

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