This image is the cover for the book Une Autre Fois, Mate!

Une Autre Fois, Mate!

My name is Dougay Roberre. I've been living on the Cote d’Azur for nine months and in that time, I’ve solved the death of a beautiful blonde, survived a serious beating by criminals, and unraveled a 40-year-old mystery. Now with a five percent share in l’Opera Mozart, I have big plans for ‘my café’. That is if I can stay out of trouble and solve a few nagging questions. Why is there an out-of-town detective shining a torch onto the cafe from the alley? Why is Paul Villan, property developer, interested in a family park? Why is notorious film star Belinda Swann back in town dressed as a man? “The sad thing about widespread corruption,” continued M’sieur Pom, “is that most of it is for small amounts. Why do people sell their souls for such little return? They should make the deceitfulness worthwhile. Forget 10 euro, pocket 10,000 from behind a smoke screen.”

Allan McFadden

Allan McFadden trained as a secondary school music teacher and has worked as teacher, actor, musician, music director and orchestrator. With fellow Australian, Peter Fleming, he has written several stage musicals: Airheart, Madame de, Frank Christie, Frank Clarke and Noli me Tangere. His first published novel is Big Gig in Rock ’n’ Roll Heaven. Une Autre Fois, Mate! is the third book in the Dougay Roberre series following on from Au Revoir, Mate. All four books are published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

Austin Macauley Publishers