This image is the cover for the book A bientot, Mate! (See You Soon, Mate!)

A bientot, Mate! (See You Soon, Mate!)

My name is Dougay Roberre. Approaching 40, I left Sydney, Australia, to live in Nice, France. I was raised in the land of sea, sand, sustenance, and sex. There I’d experienced a lot of the first three. On the Cote d’Azur I bought an attic apartment; saved a beautiful woman from dying on my doorstep; discovered who killed a beautiful blonde; and in an off-handed way brought about the tragic death of a Hollywood heart throb. All that lay in the past. I couldn’t foresee I’d soon be stepping on the toes of a crime gang; I’d be fighting off thugs in a street in Milan; I’d be spending the night on a roadside garbage dump; and I’d become enthralled in a 40-year-old kidnapping. If I could have foreseen all that, I’d have stayed in bed.

Allan McFadden

Allan McFadden trained as a secondary school music teacher, and has worked as teacher, actor, musician, music director and orchestrator. With fellow Australian, Peter Fleming, he has written several stage musicals: Airheart, Madame de, Frank Christie, Frank Clarke and Noli me Tangere. His first published novel is Big Gig in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven. A Bientot, Mate! is the second book in the Dougay Roberre series following on from Au Revoir, Mate! All three books are published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

Austin Macauley Publishers