This image is the cover for the book Still here

Still here

Broken childhood, broken dreams. Never heard, yet misunderstood. Is a home a safe place to be? In this captivating work of extended verse, immerse yourself in the poignant tale of a woman yearning to break free from the shackles of her past. Caught in a web of tangles and knots, she finds solace in her solitude, dreaming of a life unrestrained and full of wonder. With plans woven in her mind, she embraces the quiet corners of her world, seeking refuge in the pages of her own thoughts. As she navigates the harshness that surrounds her, she keenly feels every emotion, adapting and surrendering to the circumstances. Though made to feel fortunate for mere survival, she knows deep down that true happiness eludes her. Restless nights plagued by guilt, fear, and unfulfilled desires push her to fight her own battles, determined to overcome personal obstacles rather than wandering into the lives of others.


Austin Macauley Publishers