This image is the cover for the book Birds: Sketches from Birding

Birds: Sketches from Birding

Birds often symbolize spiritual freedom. The universe for them is vast and without end. Free from attachments and from all earthly treasures, they listen to Mother Nature. Never tired, from far and near, they are wild in spirit and move between the worlds: between earth, air, and water. Birds are the symphony and poetry of nature on the earth and live with an elegant simplicity tinged with a pure loneliness with worldly cares left behind. The world for them is an open book and every object seen unlocks a new faculty for the mind.

Ata Khasaf Alsady

Ata Khasaf Alsady is a Dutch citizen. He holds a Ph.D. in Semiotics from the University of Bologna-Italy. A resident of London since 2003, he also studied music in London. He published a poem, ‘Time of Corona’ in the anthology, Can You Hear the People Sing? Global Responses to the Pandemic in 2020.