This image is the cover for the book Corona-Copeia


Janet Abramson’s poems express moods from panic to grief to acceptance and ultimately to joy to reveal the lived experience of the pandemic.

From haiku to fully articulated dreamscapes, flashes of humor, even euphoria alternating with meditations on the tragedy of the human condition, these poems invite the reader to experience the words of Ram Das, “Be here now.”

Janet Abramson

Janet Abramson was born and educated in Detroit. She was awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship to attend graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a master’s degree in English. She taught several terms at Triptons School in London and for many years at a college in Michigan. Her poems have been published in the US, Canada and England. She published New Poems from the Old City of Jerusalem (Plowman), and in 2019, she published The Manifesto of the Red-Haired Woman Gunslinger: Collected Poems.

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