This image is the cover for the book The Baraboo McGuffin

The Baraboo McGuffin

Explore the fundamental questions of life in The McGuffin Quest. Katie White and Harry Jinx, lifelong friends, set out on an adventure to the Kingdom of Wisconsin in search of the elusive McGuffin. Is it an English teacher who inspires Katie, or is the quest itself the true inspiration? As they journey through the idyllic rolling hills of Baraboo, Wisconsin, the world around them transforms into a whimsical and thought-provoking universe of bizarre tales. Along the way, they confront the age-old dichotomy of pattern and chaos, the nature of connection, and the meaning of literature, from poetry to Moby Dick to Mother Goose. Does it all connect to life? Does anything? With surprises at every turn, The McGuffin Quest is a journey of discovery that will leave you pondering long after the final page.

Jackie Bennett

After publishing her first poem at age six in the PTA newsletter, Jackie Bennett spent her childhood with her head inside of books. In these books she sought the road to the long ago and far away, and found that road in certain fairy tales, post-modern fiction, and other sorts of works. And she wrote little poems and stories, too. Then, when the abyss of adulthood opened up before her, Ms. Bennett dallied at the precipice and then turned away to become a high school English teacher in New York City’s public schools. For years Ms. Bennett taught, and loved this work with all her heart. Reading and writing continue to be Ms. Bennett’s greatest passion. She lives on Staten Island with her husband and her cat.

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