This image is the cover for the book Mother Earth and the Crystal Caves

Mother Earth and the Crystal Caves

Unleash your imagination with Mother Earth and the Crystal Caves, a tale that enchants as much as it educates. Journey deep into the heart of the Earth to meet Mother Earth herself, a wise and nurturing spirit dedicated to the wonders of nature. She resides in a mesmerizing underground sanctuary, a crystal-studded cavern that’s as educational as it is magical. When Mother Earth befriends Jenson, a curious young boy, and his mother, she doesn’t just open the doors of her radiant home; she opens their eyes to the magnificence and secrets of nature. Geared toward younger readers but captivating for all ages, this story effortlessly blends real-world information about crystals with the whimsical charm of a fantastical world.

Jacqueline Brookes

Jacqueline is a mother and nan who delights in reading her grandchildren bedtime stories. Whilst away for the winter, she took to writing stories for them to listen to at bedtime. The idea was that they would feel she was still nearby, which is how the storytelling/writing began. The more she wrote, the more she enjoyed this newly-discovered skill. She felt that children around the world would benefit from her stories and in turn learn something new from them and encourage their inquiring mind.