This image is the cover for the book William and the Pirates of Fruxiclay

William and the Pirates of Fruxiclay

William had only done a tiny bit of magic. Nothing to write home about. The ball was going into his unmarked goal, in a local football match and he had just made the ball swerve away, into the waiting spectators. Of course, Esmeralda had seen what had happened and to say she was annoyed was an understatement. He didn’t dare try to use any more magic during that game and in spite of his heroic efforts he was unable to stop the opponents scoring two more goals, making the score 4-3 to the opposition. Ah well, it could have been worse, at least his team had scored and from what he could see from his end of the pitch, they were very good goals. William soon finds himself heading back to Clyeophos, where he would be learning how to use his magic properly. The spaceship Superiority is attacked by some pirates from Fruxiclay, who take the crew hostage. How will they escape and continue their journey?

Nina Pearce

Nina Pearce was a teacher for about 34 years, mainly in primary schools, which she enjoyed a great deal. She now has secondary progressive MS, which has affected her balance, so she can no longer cycle, but an adult tricycle has been her lifeline as, with the help of her husband Jonathan, she aims to do 100 miles each month. She has always enjoyed science fiction as she finds it hard to believe that we are the only inhabited planet. She has had five children. Though sadly, two died shortly after birth due to a genetic condition that at the time made their survival impossible. She has four grandchildren with another expected in June. They are all a delight.

Austin Macauley Publishers