This image is the cover for the book Good News in Bad Times

Good News in Bad Times

Home foreclosures, job losses, sudden illnesses crisis and tragedy surround us in our everyday lives. Some people shrink away from them, become depressed and pessimistic about life. Others become angry and turn away from religion. In his debut book, author John P. Lozano offers a different solution: Use crisis and uncertainty to grow in both faith and personal strength. In Good News in Bad Times, Lozano draws from his wealth of personal life experience, and from the lives of those he has met on his faith journey, to prove that with crisis comes opportunity opportunity to open our eyes and arms to God's strength. Written in an accessible style and designed for Christians of all denominations, this book will be a timeless companion for all readers wherever they may be on their own journeys of faith

John P. Lozano

Kairos Missions Press