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Steven McMahon, a young American struggling to reconcile his priestly vocation with his very human desire for love and intimacy, flees to Peru on mission, seeking the serenity he cannot find at home. In a tiny village in the Andes Mountains he meets a young school teacher chased by demons of her own. They soon find themselves trapped between the brutal Shining Path guerrillas who threaten mayhem across the mountain countryside and a harsh military counter-insurgency trying to quash the rebellion. Amid this historic struggle between the forces of order and ungodly acts of terror, and haunted by the legend of el pistaco, a mythical fiend believed by locals to feed on the unwary, they discover the meaning—and the price—of love.

Lynn F. Monahan

LYNN F. MONAHAN is a writer and editor who has written for newspapers, newswires, and magazines. He has traveled widely, especially in Latin America, and lived in Peru during much of the 1990s, an experience that inspired Pistaco. Currently a US-based journalist, Monahan has written award-winning stories from four continents about people who live on the margins of what we dub “civilization.” A Connecticut native, he graduated from Syracuse University and holds a master’s degree in writing from Manhattanville College. He and his wife have two daughters and live in Westchester County, New York.

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