This image is the cover for the book Alyona's Voice

Alyona's Voice

At 34 years old, Claudia Hamilton, a talented textile restorer, believes her life-long feud with her manipulative, narcissistic mother, Elsa Hamilton, is in the past. But now her mother is back and up to her old, malicious tricks. Elsa runs an actors’ agency in LA. She is ferociously ambitious and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, namely Claudia’s inheritance from her much-loved grandmother. The bequest is precious and Claudia has vowed to protect it but not by using the same low-down dirty tricks that Elsa plays with such ease. Claudia has to find a more dignified solution and, to that end, takes a commission 150 miles away to delay the inevitable, bitter showdown. This only serves to plunge Claudia headlong into another personal crisis when she meets Fraser Gallier, somebody she believed to be well and truly in her backstory. Fraser is staying in the house where Claudia has taken a commission, so she is trapped between her painful past and the threat of her dangerous mother who was sure to track her down. Fraser had once valued a very special friendship with Claudia and is unable to forgive her for losing touch two years ago. But he is beginning to realise how little he knows about her and is fascinated and surprised by every new thing he learns. Claudia wants to get her normal, orderly life back together but this is impossible, as old heartaches return and new and painful challenges must be met.

Joan Shirley-Davies

Joan finds inspiration from the many beautiful and interesting places in her home county of Shropshire, especially the meres, near her village. She is also inspired by people and loves to create characters, giving them life, feelings, emotions and a voice. ‘Alyona’s Voice’ is the second in a trilogy and follows ‘Money Is Easy’.

Austin Macauley Publishers