This image is the cover for the book The Isle of Hope, an Ocean of Mercy

The Isle of Hope, an Ocean of Mercy

Caralina has given up on men and has stopped believing that God will fill all her needs until she and several others find themselves on a deserted island in the South Pacific. It is here that her beliefs are tested as well as her faith.

Roberta Kennedy

Although she grew up in the West Virginia mountains she loves the ocean and the beach and wanted to share her love for God and his word with others. Although not everyone has a big family Roberta does come from a huge one and knows the importance of family relationships thus there are a number of family members brought to life in the Isle of Hope. She also loves Scotland and Ireland and their people and knew that those from Hope would choose one of those two countries as a place to live. May this adventure bring others close to God and may everyone be blessed with a family even if it isn't a biological family.

Austin Macauley Publishers