This image is the cover for the book Under the Whispering Filaos

Under the Whispering Filaos

In October 1957, Jeremy left his island paradise to become a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm, leaving behind, Maureen, the young girl he intended to marry as soon as he had completed his training. Unbeknown to him, family quarrels instigated by his controlling mother caused a breakdown in communication as their letters went undelivered, leaving the young couple to think that the other had broken the vow. Finding herself pregnant, Maureen leaves the island to live with her married sister in South Africa so as not to bring shame to her family. The Cold War is in full swing and the “Wind of Change” about to sweep the continent, soon bringing with it some of the toughest battles since WW2, on the borders of the country. Maureen, married and now widowed, returns to her island with her married son and small family. What had become of him, she often wonders. Did he ever think about her and their child? Had time erased his love for her?

Jean-Claude Perdriel

The author was born in a small village in France and lived in that countryuntil the end of WW2, thereafter on the island of Mauritius and East Africa. He served in the Royal Navy and later moved to South Africa with his wife and children, eventually moving to Canada where he presently resides.

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