This image is the cover for the book Expendable Soldiers 3 – Counterpunch

Expendable Soldiers 3 – Counterpunch

Lt John Knight returns to the New Guinea frontline. He now leads small teams of special forces soldiers, who operate behind the lines, in the fight against the Japanese. The war has turned for the Japanese with Allied forces slowly pushing them back. But they are hanging on and are not a spent force. Nothing has changed. It is still a fight to the death. But now the allies, including John’s team, know how to fight the Japanese in the jungles of the Pacific. The Allies are no longer the pushover that they were at the beginning of the war. John and his team are always on their own, and a long way from help, when they take on the Japanese. John continues to rely on cunning battle tactics and ferocious gunfights to ensure his team is punching above their weight. But will this be enough to overcome superior Japanese forces? This is the third and final book in the highly popular Expendable Soldiers series.

SJ Aspen

SJ Aspen is an Australian who loves to travel and see new places while meeting interesting people. Previously, he had a career in government both in Australia and the Middle East. As a mature university student, he completed a bachelor of arts, a master’s in business administration and a master’s in information systems. Today, SJ Aspen writes for the joy of presenting others with interesting and sometimes thought-provoking material. He likes to weave memories from his travels and life experiences into his storylines, often including a strong dose of reality that is balanced by a dash of humour.

Austin Macauley Publishers