This image is the cover for the book Fundy Vault, Rosalind Mystery

Fundy Vault, Rosalind Mystery

A criminologist on vacation on the pristine Bay of Fundy uncovers a deadly conspiracy in this literary mystery by the author of Foul Deeds.

After working for a private investigator for years, Rosalind has finally landed a real job as a researcher for the Public Prosecution Service. And now she’s taking her first paid vacation. With her cat and a stack of Beckett plays, Rosalind heads to a rented cottage on Nova Scotia’s Minas Basin to explore ideas for her next theatre production. But she has no sooner settled in than she spots what looks like a woman’s body tangled in the roots of a floating tree. 

Before the local Mounties can send a boat out, the body is retrieved by helicopter, and Roz watches it disappear over North Mountain. She decides to call in her old sleuthing partner, PI McBride. But when McBride also disappears, Roz and her longtime theatre friend Sophie roam the backroads of the Annapolis Valley in search of clues.

Could secrets be hiding in a seemingly abandoned quarry? Are the tanker trucks that nearly run them off the road more than a deadly coincidence? And what happened to the young journalist who got too close to the truth?

Linda Moore

Linda Moore resides in Halifax and has a cottage in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, on the Minas Basin. She works as a theatre director across Canada and was Artistic Director of Neptune Theatre in Halifax throughout the nineties. She has received several Robert Merritt Awards, including the 2015 award for Outstanding Direction. Linda has been a guest director at McGill, Memorial, UVic and Dalhousie and was the Crake Fellow in Drama at Mount Allison.

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