This image is the cover for the book Wereduck Code, The Wereduck Series

Wereduck Code, The Wereduck Series

A teenage wereduck in a family of werewolves struggles to free her family from its curse as others race to reveal them in this humorous paranormal fantasy.

It’s not easy being a fourteen-year-old wereduck in a family of werewolves. In The Wereduck Code, we catch up with Kate after discovering that an ancient cure for her family’s curse—one she had hoped would mean her family could finally come out of hiding—turned out to be more complicated than that.

The third installment of the critically acclaimed Wereduck series finds Kate sending away for a DNA test, thinking it will provide answers. The test’s results are shocking: there appears to be a toggle in human genetic code that is switched on in werewolves. And if that toggle can be switched off, like it was for her best friend John, does that mean it can be switched on? Will the scientist who discovered it use this information for good or evil?

And where is Dirk Bragg? The tabloid journalist-turned-country-music-star—who’s come close to exposing Kate’s family more than once—is suddenly missing. And as John soon discovers, there’s an anonymous group of hackers called D-Net hot on Dirk’s trail, convinced he can reveal the truth about werewolves once and for all. With freedom and friendship on the line, the thrilling conclusion of the Wereduck series will leave readers on the edge of their seats!

Praise for The Wereduck Code

“Hilarious adventures. . . . The Wereduck Code is slapstick comedy with many silly antics.” —Canadian Review of Materials

Dave Atkinson

Nimbus Publishing