This image is the cover for the book All the Little Pink Flags

All the Little Pink Flags

There is a loopable gamification to abuse cycles that closely mirrors addiction. Loopable because you always wind up back at the same shameful place with addictions: making big proclamations that this is the last time’. Gamified because you are always trying to do this one thing better, failing, then upping your yesterday stakes with new promises tomorrow.

While this book focuses on intimate partner abuse, abuse cycles can occur anywhere. Hell, even a job can love bomb and court you, then gaslight you and eventually discard you. The only way to get away from abusive people, is to begin understanding what abuse even is. All the Little Pink Flags is an attempt to do that.

This book is dedicated whole-heartedly to every narcissist and abuser (not mutually exclusive). We are not surviving in spite of you, we are thriving because of you.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 800-799-7233.

Amanda Palasciano

Amanda Palasciano is a 10× award-winning journalist and 4× novel writer splitting time between Nashville, TN and New Jersey. She is a survivor of Domestic Abuse and the founder of former 501(c)(3) Don’t Stay Inc. – a charity that procured funds to get women out of non-traditional abusive dwellings and into new apartments. She currently works in advertising helping companies like Amazon, Chewy, and Wayfair with their brand messaging and devotes her time while not working to philanthropy and her two morkies, Willow and Bowie.

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