This image is the cover for the book Impressions of Carly

Impressions of Carly

Impressions of Carly offers a series of dramatised perspectives on the changes a woman undergoes from her romantic love for a man who touches her heart to an innocent victim of violence. Seen from the points of view of a friend, neighbour, parent or passerby, Carly struggles to understand why this man threatens her understanding of what a loving relationship is. and to puzzle why she ended up caught in this web of manipulation, lies and danger. Even the birth of her son results in overturning her hopes for an end to the abuse and leaves her in desperation to keep her child safe from harm. The questions this story reveals are often asked and so often receive no clear answers. Will an abusive parent destroy the life of her child? What must she sacrifice to find a home where she and her child can recover and build a life for themselves safe from harm? What will be the long term impact of the violence on her life and what does being a survivor look like? An immensely compelling and powerful novel that will leave the reader shaken to their core.

Paula Bell-Ellercamp

Paula is a survivor of domestic violence and has drawn on her experiences to produce a powerful and heartbreaking account of living with intimate partner violence. A loving wife to her husband Scott and mother to three adult sons. Paula has spent many years working in the disability field. Creating this novel was a long-held dream for Paula but it was also one that came at significant personal cost, as the writing process compelled her to face and process the trauma she had experienced as a young woman.

Austin Macauley Publishers