This image is the cover for the book My Knight in Rusty Armor

My Knight in Rusty Armor

Esmeralda’s life changed forever the summer before she turned 22. She met the man of her dreams, bought a beautiful white gown, and got married, fulfilling her lifelong dream of matrimonial bliss. However, with no realistic expectations and little guidance on how to navigate married life, Essie’s dream quickly turns into a battlefield. As she struggles to find her footing and hold on to the domestic haven she had always wanted, she realizes that she has everything to lose. My Knight in Rusty Armor is a tale of love, expectations, and the realities of marriage.

Quayse Hurlington

Quayse grew up Peterborough Ontario, the second of five children. She has always loved reading and writing and working with children. Another passion is needle work, particularly embroidery for pillows.

Austin Macauley Publishers