This image is the cover for the book The Journey of Self Discovery

The Journey of Self Discovery

Sitting on a bench at Cape Town International Airport, Annie finds herself at a crossroads, deciding between the life she thought she wanted and the life she deserves. Growing up on the Cape Flats she always desired a life of privilege, but in the end that’s not what she ended up getting. She starts isolating herself from everything she knows and loves to satisfy the person she believed she loved, and for the life she thought she deserved. She soon starts realising that something is wrong, but is unsure how to reach out to her loved ones. This book takes you on a journey of a young woman who must figure out the path to herself and to God by taking the hard road. She gets to know what prayer is and how to start speaking to God again.

Abigail Brooks

Abigail Brooks grew up on the Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa. At a young age she was always imaginative disappearing into books or her imagination. Abigail won her first writing competition when she was 13 but only decided to pick up the pen 20 years later. She’s an accountant by profession but has a passion for writing and creating stories. Abigail is a mother of two young children and this book was written during her maternity leave with her first baby and then finished during her maternity leave of the second baby.

Austin Macauley Publishers