This image is the cover for the book To Say a Few Words

To Say a Few Words

This little booklet is designed for anyone who faces the difficult and important task of offering words of remembrance at a Catholic Funeral. Both experienced and inexperienced speakers will benefit from this easy-to-read resource. It offers a simple, practical, and—most importantly—discreet way of informing anyone asked “to say a few words” at a Catholic service on the rules that are involved, while also offering practical advice on how to deliver the remarks in an artful and respectful manner. The Catholic Church’s policies on the use of family-designated speakers at funerals, wakes, and memorial services and the importance of their putting their remarks in a Christian context are both directly and politely addressed. The booklet emphasizes the sacred elements of the occasion, offering speakers the opportunity to understand their role as something more serious than a toastmaster or even a comedian. Practical suggestions abound on how to form and deliver a concise and appropriate address well suited to a religious gathering. Three sample sets of remarks are included to give speakers a sense of what is possible and appropriate in different situations and venues. This booklet is also available as an e-book for those who are traveling or otherwise not available to obtain a printed copy in time to prepare their remarks.

Michael A. Cymbala

Michael A. Cymbala has spent thirty years working as an Executive Producer and Marketing Director in the Catholic publishing world. He directed music at three different Catholic churches in the Archdiocese of Chicago and is presently a member of the Archdiocesan Office for Divine Worship's music staff. He has served on the editorial committee for numerous hymnals and has authored and edited many written and recorded prayer services.

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