This image is the cover for the book One of Our Submarines, Pen & Sword Military Classics

One of Our Submarines, Pen & Sword Military Classics

“[Young] immortalized his distinguished war service as a submariner in the bestselling autobiography, One of Our Submarines . . . [a] gripping memoir.”—The Guardian

“In the very highest rank of books about the last war. Submarines are thrilling beasts, and Edward Young tells of four years’ adventures in them in a good stout book with excitement on every page. He writes beautifully, economically and with humor, and in the actions he commands he manages to put the reader at the voice-pipe and the periscope so that sometimes the tension is so great that one has to put the book down.”—The Sunday Times

“No disrespect to the big screen, but you can’t beat a book for digging out the details. And the details feel even better if the author is someone who’s been there. So, at least take the time to read Das Boot, the autobiographical novel by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. And, for the British perspective, read One of Our Submarines by Edward Young.”—The Mouldy Books

“He tells his story in a modest, clear, and amusing way that is a delight to read.”—not too much

Edward Young

Edward Young developed an interest in the Meiktila campaign whilst writing his book Air Commando Fighters of World War II. Previous work includes Aerial Nationalism: A History of Aviation in Thailand (Smithsonian Institution, 1995). He has also contributed to numerous British and American aviation magazines. Edward is by profession a financial analyst in New York City and lives with his family in New Jersey.

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