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Fighting Captain, Pen & Sword Military Classics

A riveting account of the World War II naval career of the man who did more to win the Battle of the Atlantic than any other officer at sea.

Captain F. J. Walker, RN, dedicated his life to defeating the Germans—and Karl Dönitz, Führer der U-Boote, in particular—by containing the U-boats, wearing them down, and sending them back to their bunkers.

He was a formidable figure and one of the greatest fighting captains in the Royal Navy, sinking twenty U-boats. For this he was awarded a CB and four DSOs.

A month after D-Day, exhausted by his continuous actions at sea against the enemy and his successful exertions to keep the U-boats out of the English Channel to ensure the safe passage of the Allied landings at D-day, he went ashore in Liverpool after a patrol. His ships and the men he had trained and inspired were already back at sea when he died on the 9 July, 1944, aged 48.

His ships went on to sink another nine U-boats, bringing his flotillas’ total up to twenty-nine, before the U-boat fleet finally surrendered. Fifteen of which were sunk by Walker’s own ship, HMS Starling.

Alan Burn

Pen & Sword Military Classics