A Future With Hope

A diabetes diagnosis can hit hard but hope is here, woven throughout prominent executive Carl S. Armato's inspiring narrative of 50+ years of living with the disease. With transparency his goal, Carl recounts pivotal moments that set him on course for a full, active life with diabetes.

Diagnosed as a toddler, Carl credits his parents with a family life optimized for his health. Following their lead, he took increasing responsibility for his self-care while still young and now offers time-tested insight to others with diabetes.

His experience and anecdotes teach that:

Diabetes does not mean different; The first step toward a future of hope is to accept the diagnosis, ignoring it spells disaster; Support is crucial, no one should walk this path alone; People with diabetes have heard plenty about danger, they need to hear of success and possibility.

A dynamic leader who gives no indication of slowing down, Carl reveals with candor and humor how valued allies, established habits, and the occasional misstep have equipped him to respect the disease while living a vigorous, fulfilling life. His transparency and insights offer a welcome dose of encouragement that can augment the diabetes care delivered by health professionals.

In A Future With Hope, Carl proves it's possible for people with diabetes to embrace their diagnosis without forfeiting their dreams.

Carl Armato

Carl S. Armato chooses to live his best life because of and not in spite of his diabetes. Diagnosed as a toddler, he thrived under his parents determined care and their conviction that the disease would not derail his future. They were right. Carl is president and CEO of Novant Health, one of America s largest and most respected healthcare organizations, and serves in myriad professional and civic roles, locally and nationally. Born and raised in Louisiana, Carl lives on a ranch in Clemmons, North Carolina, with his wife, Christi, dog, and horses, and enjoys frequent visits from his extended family and three children. He often speaks on diabetes-related topics, emphasizing a strong support system and active self-monitoring as keys to a healthy, fulfilling life. This is his second book.

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