Blood Sugar in Check

Free Yourself from Diabetes Anxiety

As someone who has diabetes, you always worry about things that others can safely ignore. Will my blood sugar hold at night or will it drop, and I die in my sleep? Will my insulin overheat in my bag on a beautiful day out? Will I make it through long business meetings without going low? When is the right time to tell a new friend, date, or employer about my disease?

This book is for you if you want to have your diabetes in check and live with total confidence that you can handle your blood sugar levels. You will learn how to:

* Succeed in your job with your illness

* Stop beating yourself up when your blood sugar levels spike

* Enjoy life without losing a toe, a kidney or your eyesight

* Eliminate everyday worries about passing out from blood sugar lows

* Spend more meaningful moments with your family and friends

Author Andrew Lawless has lived life with Type 1 Diabetes on his own terms – and no signs of long-term complications after 40 years. In this book, he shares his most effective strategies for a rewarding life with diabetes.

If you are tired of doing everything right, but still feel isolated, overwhelmed and stressed over your health, learn Andrew’s most effective strategies for a rewarding life with diabetes and get your copy today!

Andrew Lawless

Andrew is a diabetes life coach. He has had type 1 diabetes for more than 40 years, with no signs of complications, and his mission is to enable other people with diabetes to keep their blood sugar in check so they won’t lose a toe or kidney or die early. In short, Andrew wants you to be healthy and happy with your illness.

At the core of his work is strategic intervention, a coaching methodology developed by Tony Robbins and five partners. Andrew is certified by two of the co-developers of this coaching framework, Magali and Mark Peysha. He is also certified in Kolbe Wisdom™ and is a finalist for the Kolbe Professional Award, which is given to top-tier coaches who have made a positive impact on people around the world by harnessing the power of their instinctive strengths.

Because of his own history and success with diabetes, Andrew is especially passionate about helping people with diabetes reach their dreams with their blood sugar in check. He has acquired the most successful tools and instruments from three decades of research and living with his illness.

Despite developing type 1 diabetes at age 11, his accomplishments include being one of Germany’s top ten Frisbee players at age 19 in all disciplines; writing a national computer book bestseller in Germany at age 23; emigrating to the United States at age 30 and eventually becoming a citizen; consulting with the FBI in defensive tactics; being headhunted by the World Bank in Washington, D.C.; and traveling to over 50 countries and working in 7 of them.

Professionally, Andrew has a unique blend of experience in behavioral sciences, publishing, digital marketing, and localization. His accomplishments range from managing a corporate turnaround of Berlitz in Central and Eastern Europe to transforming the World Bank’s global approach to localizing its analytical work.

Andrew presented his successes to the Obama White House administration and testified before the US Senate on the importance of professional development. He served as a trainer and consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, where he helped analyze the mindset of hostage takers. He served as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland.

Andrew is also known for having followed Bruce Springsteen throughout Ireland. One challenge he is proud of mastering: keeping his blood sugar in check for 4 hours in front of the stage at a Springsteen concert in Limerick. One of Andrew’s life goals is to meet The Boss in person to thank him for the song “Thunder Road.” Without it, Andrew would not have made it out of his rundown neighborhood next to a glass factory and railway station.

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