This image is the cover for the book My Little Book of Values

My Little Book of Values

This little booklet should be a valuable addition to the literary material aimed at 9 to 11-year-old children still in their formative years.

In the present culture of materialism where the allure of affluence and ease has so dulled and tainted the “sensitivities” of individuals to intolerance, hatred, and prejudice, it becomes more important for parents and teachers alike to instil in their children those core character-building values of decency, integrity, and truth that are such essential elements of a stable and healthy society.

Using simple language, the author has so cleverly incorporated such anecdotes into her narrative that are likely to influence young and receptive readers in subtle and positive ways.

Nadia Mohamed

Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa, Nadia Mohamed works in the Department of Paediatric Dentistry at the University of the Western Cape. She is passionate about children, especially those in their formative years. She is a lecturer and clinical supervisor, training dental students to manage and provide treatment for children younger than 12 years of age, including those with special healthcare needs. Even though she has written numerous academic articles, this is her first attempt at writing a children’s book.