This image is the cover for the book Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road, The Dead Earth Series

Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road, The Dead Earth Series

As alien invaders amass a conquering army of zombies, a small band of rebels plans their resistance and revenge in this apocalyptic sci-fi series.

The former Deputy Sheriff of Serenity, New Mexico, Jubal Slate lost his home and everyone he loved to the ever-growing zombie horde. But the zombies themselves are not the true enemy. It’s the invaders from another planet who are using demonic technology to raise an unholy army of the living dead.

For Slate, the only thing left in life is payback. Together with a motley band of renegades, he’s making the treacherous journey to find the root of the global disaster. No matter how far he must go or how many undead warriors he must slaughter, they will stop at nothing to end the reign of the aliens.

Mark Justice, David T. Wilbanks

Jay Snyder is a voice actor, voice director, and script adapter. He is best known as the voice of Yugi Muto from the Japanese manga television series, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" A native of California, he studied acting at Julliard School in New York City.