This image is the cover for the book All That I See, The King of Clayfield Series

All That I See, The King of Clayfield Series

A survivor in a zombie-plagued small town tries to hold on to his humanity while those around him are losing theirs . . .

As the zombie apocalypse rages on, survivors in the small town of Clayfield, Kentucky, attempt to carve out new lives for themselves. There is hope that eventually Clayfield can be secured, but first the undead must be eliminated and law and order must be restored.

Unfortunately, the survivors might not ever get to implement their plan. Gangs of looters continue to strike the town—and news filters in that something worse could be coming . . .

Shane Gregory

Shane Gregory lives on several acres in a rural farming community in western Kentucky with his wife, two children, four cats, and a few chickens. His education background is in the visual arts, and he is the director of a nonprofit art center and museum. He enjoys painting, running, reading, writing, and growing his own food. In the event of an actual zombie apocalypse, he plans to hole up, shoot first, and ask questions later.Scott Aiello has narrated over a dozen audiobooks and is a 2013 Audie Award finalist for his nonfiction narration of Sex and God at Yale by author Nathan Harden. He is a graduate of the Juilliard School drama division and has since performed and directed various New York plays and has been seen on television shows such as Person of Interest and Elementary. Before Juilliard, he was a regular in the Chicago theater circuit.

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