This image is the cover for the book Road to Hell, Rock Band Fights Evil

Road to Hell, Rock Band Fights Evil

Heaven doesn’t want them; do they stand a chance in Hell?

Jim is Satan’s son, who keeps a vow of silence and wants to be left alone. Eddie sold his soul but was cheated, and became the world’s greatest tambourine player for his trouble. Adrian is a powerful wizard...when the narcolepsy doesn’t knock him out. Twitch is an outcast, shape-shifting fairy. Mike is a drunk, haunted by the ghost of the brother he accidentally killed.

Follow the dogged band of damned rock and rollers as they struggle to save themselves. Can they get the fragment of Azazel’s hoof, their bargaining chip? Once they get it, can they keep it? And who else might have designs on the hoof... or on the members of the band?

This volume collects the installments 4–6 of Rock Band Fights Evil: Devil Sent the Rain, This World Is Not My Home, and The Good Son.

And don’t miss Band on the Run, the first omnibus volume.

D.J. Butler

Word Fire Press