This image is the cover for the book Devil Sent the Rain, Rock Band Fights Evil

Devil Sent the Rain, Rock Band Fights Evil

In this urban fantasy, rock and roll musicians with supernatural powers gets trapped in an alternate universe—inside one of their band member’s minds.

A trap set for the band goes from bad to worse as organist and resident sorcerer Adrian badly bungles his escape spell. Trapped inside Adrian’s shadow, the band struggles to orient themselves and escape not only from their pursuing enemies, but from the darker manifestations of Adrian’s soul.

And once they do get out from inside their own wizard’s tortured mind, they'll still have to deal with the fallen angels that trapped them in the first place.

D.J. Butler

D.J. Butler (Dave) is a novelist living in the Rocky Mountain northwest. His training is in law, and he worked as a securities lawyer at a major international firm and in house at two multinational semiconductor manufacturers before taking up writing fiction. Dave writes speculative fiction for all audiences. In addition to his steampunk, urban fantasy, and science fiction novels published with Wordfire Press, he has a forthcoming steampunk fantasy series to be published by Knopf. Look for The Kidnap Plot in spring of 2016. Dave is a lover of language and languages, a guitarist and self-recorder, and a serious reader. He is married to a powerful and clever woman and together they have three devious children. Read about Dave’s writing projects at

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