This image is the cover for the book Rainbow Trail

Rainbow Trail

One moment claimed her innocence forever… Nineteen-year-old Kate Murphy’s world shattered the night her innocence was stolen in a back alley. Forced into exile with only a few supplies, a pinto mare, and a Winchester rifle, she found herself in unknown territory. It wasn’t long before Kate realized she was doomed to a life of loneliness and shame as her hatred and bitterness grew. Closer and closer to the edges of her own darkness and despair, Kate could never have guessed that grace and redemption would find her through a sudden storm and serendipitous meetings with a curious cowboy, a Navajo woman, and a baby who stole her heart. Rainbow Trail is a powerful story of a young woman and a native culture in a restored nation as they navigate horrifying circumstances—proof that the human spirit will always find a way. One beautiful trail led her to redemption.

Sarah Ann Parker

Sarah Ann Parker’s first experience on the Navajo Reservation in 1976 came with the fury of a blackout sandstorm that followed her from Winslow to Rough Rock, Arizona. After thirty years of living on the Reservation, marrying a Navajo man and raising four children with him, you could say she has eaten more sand than she cares to remember; however, the lifelong experiences have shaped her like the sandstone cliffs of Black Mesa, Arizona. Although not intrinsic to the land, she is a part of its stories as she has seen Navajo babies born and Navajo elders die, and has felt with them the pain of invisibility. Rainbow Trail is her attempt to bridge the gap between the past and the future, between men and women, and between cultures. Her education includes a bachelor of arts in secondary English and a master’s degree in counselor education from Arizona State University. She has been an educator, a classical homeopath, and an attunement practitioner.

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