This image is the cover for the book Kidnapped by Grandma and Grandpa

Kidnapped by Grandma and Grandpa

Rupert is a four-year-old boy, with a great imagination and a hunger for excitement. Luckily for him, his fun-loving grandparents share his infectious spirit. This story sees the three adventurers whizz off to Monaco to take part in the Formula 1, but will they stand a chance at winning and will Mum and Dad believe their wondrous tale?

Harri Gravelle

Harri Gravelle is a loving mother and wife who is raising her family in Hampshire. She was inspired to write this book by true events, an adventure created by her own grandparents. The central character, Rupert, is based on her first-born child who sadly died as a young baby. She hopes you and your children enjoy the story.