This image is the cover for the book Baby Bear's Dreamtime Adventures

Baby Bear's Dreamtime Adventures

Step into the enchanting world of Baby Bear’s Dreamtime Adventures, where the magic of friendship knows no bounds. Baby Bear isn’t just Seb’s first teddy bear, he’s a forever friend with access to a unique kind of enchantment, bestowed by a special chrysanthemum, the flower that marks Seb’s birthday. His whimsical companion, Bee, helps him discover this hidden power. For a time, Baby Bear is confined by a blanket, able to hear but not join the nightly escapades of the other toys. Although he yearns to be part of the fun, he doesn’t want to leave Seb’s side. But a fortunate accident sets him free from his blanket, opening up a new realm of possibilities. Here’s where the magic comes alive: Baby Bear learns that he can take Seb along on incredible dreamtime adventures without ever leaving his side. As they venture through magical lands and meet fascinating characters, they deepen their bond and discover the extraordinary power of true friendship.

Su Bailey

Su Bailey has been involved in a wide range of occupations from hairdresser to probation officer, and since retirement has developed her latent talent for storytelling, with the encouragement and involvement of her eldest grandchild Sebastian.

Austin Macauley Publishers