This image is the cover for the book More Stories From the House of Naan and Pa

More Stories From the House of Naan and Pa

They’re back! Naan and Pa Bailey are exactly where we left them – at the end of Leymor Road in the house with a purple door and a huge fig tree in the front garden. They are still trying to cope with looking after their cat MimiCleo and her best friends: three toys who have come to life – Pedro the parrot, Purple Ted, and Fraser Bear. At three and a half, the little tortoiseshell cat thinks she is an independent adult. The teddy bears are both aged six, and Pedro, known as Ped, is seven and rather good at maths and solving practical problems. He is closest in age to Naan and Pa’s first grandchild, Dexter, who lives in Southampton and is outwitted by his teds, Chew Bear and Bedtime Bear. It’s time to open the purple door and find out exactly what is going on inside Number 66, and in the homes of the Baileys’ neighbours: Miss Flora, Jim, and Mr. Ted.

Natalie Graham

Natalie has lived with her husband Robert until his death in 2021 in East Twickenham, near Marble Hill Park, for many years. She has spent her career writing personal finance and celebrity money articles for the national newspapers and writes a column for FT Weekend Money. Natalie only wears purple and turquoise. She loves cats, dogs, birds, modern jive, crochet design, and speaking French and Portuguese.

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