This image is the cover for the book The Inheritor

The Inheritor

An unknown inheritance can be a dream come true. But for Callum Hopkins, this dream descended into a dark nightmare.
Callum is conflicted. He can either seize a chance to find happiness, belonging and power or follow his family’s vows on a path of brutal consequences where only the strong will be left standing.
The Inheritor is a story about a family sworn to protect and serve a secret society and a village determined to avenge a cruel dark past.

Peter Storm

Peter Storm grew up in the west country, living in Cornwall and Dartmoor, where he found the surrounds steeped in folklore, witchcraft tales and the supernatural. After serving with the Armed forces, traveling around the world, Peter discovered dark tales were as much told there as at home. Raising his interest in horror literature. Growing up with Hammer house films, reading Edgar Allan Poe, William Peter Blatty. King Masterton and Peter Herbert naturally found an interest in creating his own brand of modern horror.

Austin Macauley Publishers