This image is the cover for the book Ultimate Temptation, Volume 1

Ultimate Temptation, Volume 1

A knife on the head, I lived a life of ease and ease, but in the love of the ditch capsized. It was true that he was dispirited and disheartened, that all his emotions had been stripped away, and all that remained was caution and indifference. I thought I was dead, but I was alive again. When I met Qiu Guoshan again, he blew into my ear and said, "The medicinal effects came fast, you are really strong." I powerlessly grabbed onto his shoulder as I gritted my teeth and said, "You …. "You …" He actually drugged it? He had a devilish smile at the corner of his mouth as he whispered into my ear, "The customer's request for a refund is really damaging to my dignity, so it would be hard for the boss to ask me to do that. How about this?" It's been used once tonight. If you're satisfied with it, it's not too late to come back and collect more money next time. " This article is also known as [gain less than loss] to look forward to

Wu KouBuPaKu, Lemon Novel