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Youth Ministry in a Multifaith Society

In simpler, more homogenous times, youth ministry was a relatively straightforward activity. The church's youth gathered (occasionally inviting their unchurched friends from school), played together, sang together and listened together to a message from a bright, engaging youth minister, selecting from a relatively defined set of topics: "What does it mean to follow Jesus when it comes to _______?" Now Christian youth must make sense of their faith, with its exclusive claims, in light of their close friends who are Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, "other" or even "none." And increasingly other religions are taking their cues for rooting and establishing their youth from Christian ministry practices, so that our kids are being invited to outreach events sponsored by other faiths. Veteran youth minister and researcher Len Kageler digs into the data surrounding this exciting multifaith era and offers surprising confidence that our kids can be guided into mature Christian faith while simultaneously learning to love their neighbors of other religions.

Len Kageler, Chap Clark

Len Kageler, Ph.D, is professor of youth and family studies and associate dean of faculty development at Nyack College in New York. He has authored a dozen books, including The Youth Ministry Survival Guide (Zondervan, 2008) and The Volunteer's Field Guide to Youth Ministry (Group, 2011). He speaks and teaches widely in North America and the European Union. He and his wife Janet live just outside of NYC, and love camping and hiking. Len is a serious runner and has an excellent reputation for making superb omelets on winter backpacking trips, even at 20 degrees while camping on snow. He does not always achieve his reading goal (3 books a month) but the books are duly noted in his reading journal and at the end of the year he heads for Starbucks and enjoys a (cerebral) Book of the Year ceremony in which the top three books are declared.

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