This image is the cover for the book Westport, Images of America

Westport, Images of America

The town of Westport has long been tied to the sea. Its abundant rivers provided waterpower for cotton and iron manufacturing, and its protected harbor served as a base for the whaling and fishing industry. Since it was first settled in the 1670s, generations of farmers have worked Westport�s soil, and agriculture remains an important part of this coastal community. Water continues to define this community, there is still an active commercial fishing fleet, waterfront cottages fill with summer residents, and day-trippers flock to the long sandy crescent of Horseneck Beach. Westport�s beauty is not simply in its past but exists today in the well-preserved 18th- and 19th-century homes, the pristine landscape, and the rich community life of its villages.

Westport Historical Society

Members of the Westport Historical Society have carefully crafted this pictorial history, culling images from the society�s archives as well as from the collections of local residents who have generously offered their memories of Westport�s past.

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