This image is the cover for the book Evil Lady: My Hubby is a Traitor, Volume 5

Evil Lady: My Hubby is a Traitor, Volume 5

Yun Qianliang is a wicked girl who is famous in capital city. With the imperial will, she was lucky to marry the master Jin. Unexpectedly, the master Jin was hooked up with her sister.She was also framed by the master Jin to marry an traitor. She hanged herself in despair. However, another person actually merged into Yun Qianliang's body after crossing. In this case, Yun Qianliang, who had a powerful soul, started her wonderful life in resistance.☆About the Author☆Su Ranmu, a new online novelist, has attracted everyone's attention with her excellent writing skills. Her work is loading. Her writing is delicate and her characters are deeply portrayed, which is highly praised.

Su Ranmu, Lemon Novel