This image is the cover for the book Now You See Me

Now You See Me

The sole survivor of a boating accident is accused of murder in this “fiendish puzzle that will keep you turning the pages” (Claire McGowan, author of What You Did and The Other Wife).

Six went in . . . only one came out.

The Standedge Tunnel, the longest canal tunnel in England, has become one of the rural village of Marsden’s main tourist attractions. Now it’s also a crime scene.

Six students went into the tunnel on a private boat. Two and a half hours later, the boat reappeared at the other end of the tunnel carrying only one of the students, Matthew. He had been knocked unconscious and has no memory of what took place in the tunnel. The police suspect he killed his friends, hid the bodies and later moved them to an undisclosed location. But sitting in a cell awaiting trial, Matthew maintains his innocence.

When Matthew contacts a famous author asking him for help in return for information he claims to possess about the author’s long-lost wife, it’s an offer that can’t be refused. But before the author can prove Matthew’s innocence, he must first answer a far more unusual question: How did five bodies disappear into thin air?

“Phenomenal. An utterly compelling and fiendishly clever read—it blew my mind ten times over. I can’t wait to see what McGeorge does next.” —Francesca Dorricott, author of After the Eclipse

“Chris McGeorge has a knack for conjuring up the biggest of mysteries in the tightest of spaces. Dark and claustrophobic in all the right places.” —Robert Scragg, author of End of the Line

Chris McGeorge

Chris McGeorge has an MA in Creative Writing from City University London. He lives in England.