This image is the cover for the book The Evil Peasant Girl, Volume 5

The Evil Peasant Girl, Volume 5

Who said that life after crossing must be easier? In the past life, she was obviously a sweet and lovely little girl. Her parents loved each other and endlessly loved her. Life was always so happy and beautiful. But she crossed.

After passing through this life, she became a small village girl, her father and mother were honest men without culture, her sister was weak and did not understand resistance. Only she faced a group of relatives who bullied them. Apart from being brave, could she have other options?

☆About the Author☆

Qian Zui Wei Meng, a well-known online novelist. She has written many novels and described many kind and strong girls. Her novel plot and writing style are both good.

Qian Zuiweimeng, Lemon Novel